Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Designing your site and getting it on line is, as you are probably aware, only the start of your web advertising campaign. If you want your site to appear within the top 40 on google's lists for your chosen search words, you will need to optimise your site.

You can do this for yourself but it takes time and you need to hunt around for the necessary information.

I have optimised my gite site, improved its rankings for the search words that I think are important and have gradually improved its overall ranking. I am happy to help you to do the same with your website. Unlike other SEO offers, I only charge for results. We agree together what results you want, the time frame and the cost. You only pay if I get you the agreed results.

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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance can include some or all of the following:
  • Changes to the site layout
  • Inserting new pages
  • Improving page links
  • Adding new pages
  • Updating the sitemap and uploading it to google
  • Changing the text
  • Adding or changing links
  • Regularly checking the website

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Exchange Links

One way to improve your website's ranking and the ranking of my gite website, is to exchange links. If your website covers any of the following areas I would be interested in putting a link to your site on my site and having you put a link to my site on yours. The areas I am interested in are:
  • Holiday Accommodation in France
  • Tourist Information
  • Travel Information